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To get in touch, please email me letting me know your name, approximate address, contact details and some information about your dog and the dates you may require my services.  It is always easier to provisionally book you into my diary, then cancel or amend at a later stage, than try to fit you in last minute.

I will then come and meet you and your dog in your home to complete a Registration Form and sign a Service Agreement, then you will be welcome to come to my home to see where your dog will be staying.

I don't publish my phone number, as it is difficult to take calls/bookings whilst I'm out with the dogs and don't have immediate access to my diary.

Covid19/Corona Virus precautions

Please note that the Registration Meeting can take place in your garden, or inside, with ample room to social distance by 2 metres, hand sanitising and wearing masks.  The viewing of my house will include hand sanitisation, wearing of masks and don't tough anything in the house as you walk through.  Drop offs and collections will take place in the garden. 

I now have a QR code which you can use at my house when you arrive, if you have the NHS app.

When your dog arrives, I will meet you outside and wash down your dog and his/her collar with a pet friendly antivirus cloth (Leucillin) and I am unable to take their lead, bedding or any soft toys, without washing them, which defeats the object of it 'smelling of home'.  The food you supply should be in a cleanable container where I will wash it down before use (and when I hand it back) or pour it into a container of my own.  

Any questions regarding the regulations, please ask me.   Check out my Facebook page for daily activities
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